‘Einstein’s Last Message

Saving our world by changing
how we think

Rod O’Connor PhD

Rod O’Connor grew up on a ‘wheat and sheep’ farm in the Wimmera district of Western Victoria (Australia). Initially he followed the usual farm-boy route – he dropped out of school and was a builder’s laborer, cattle-station fencer, truck driver, barge deckhand, and farm worker. Then, less commonly, he went to uni and gained a Ph.D. in experimental cognitive psychology, and took to problem solving.

After that he was a foundation director of Australia’s first dedicated healthcare consulting firm – Health Solutions P/L – in association with the Victorian Hospitals Association. He went on to be a consultant to the NHMRC National Center for Health Program Evaluation, founder of the Australia Malaysia Health Industry Group, and advisor to the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the UK Economic & Social Research Council, and the UK National Coordinating Center for Research Capacity Development. Most recently he was Conjoint Associate Professor at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales, and member of Brain Sciences UNSW. Further information is at

Now he writes full-time. In 2004 he published ‘Measuring Quality of Life in Health,’ and in 2020 ‘Einstein’s Last Message.‘ The second book investigates the reasons we make and maintain unwise choices, such as refusing to vaccinate, ignoring climate change, and destroying wilderness. A synopsis follows.

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Einstein’s Last Message’

In 1946 Albert Einstein warned we must change how we think or humanity will destroy itself. Einstein was worried about nuclear war, but now our poor thinking weakens our response to multiple other crises, including the Covid 19 epidemic and the break-down of our natural world. The book shows how we make and justify decisions, the powerful role of guiding stories, and what is needed to correct our decision making. It offers a way forward for individuals and societies.

More reviews and further information are at BOOKS. ‘Einstein’s Last Message’ is available as paperback (ISBN-13 : 978-0648815211) and e-book (ISBN-13 : 978-0-6488152-0-4), and may be obtained from most distributors including Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia

Einstein’s Last Message – “Magnificent! … an incisive pointer to what Homo Sapiens must do to save itself and its planet from itself.”Dr. Bob Brown, Former Leader Australian Greens

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